Electrolux SPLIT R32 õhk-vesi soojuspumbad

Electrolux  SPLIT R32 õhk-vesi soojuspumbad


230 V

 8 kW Electrolux EMHP-8V/N8 / EHB-100/N8, hind xxxx eur + km

10 kW Electrolux EMHP-10V/N8 / EHB-100/N8, hind 2600 eur + km

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380 V

12 kW Electrolux EMHP-12Y/N8 / EHB-160/N8, hind 3500 eur + km

14 kW Electrolux EMHP-14Y/N8 / EHB-160/N8, hind 3600 eur + km

16 kW Electrolux EMHP-16Y/N8 / EHB-160/N8, hind 3700 eur + km

Lisainfot leiad: Electrolux R32 air to water heat pumps info

Mitsubishi Electric twin rotary compressor, powered by Midea Building Technologies



Product information

Technical privilege of EHB-EMHP heat pump system is constructed to deliver exceptional energy efficiency. The appliance is ready to pump 3-5 kW of heat at the cost of 1 kW, which confirms efficiency class А+++ and means more than 500% of value in everyday practice.

DC Inverter technology helps to intellectually control the system work and power. The heat pump quickly and accurately reacts to temperature changes of the coolant or ambient air, optimizing its features to the actual conditions: priority source of hot water supply in the house, additional heating devices, operation according to user set requirements.

High grade of reliability is guaranteed by details and components from well-known manufacturers: modern inverter DC compressor by Mitsubishi Electric, inverter brushless electric motor of DC fan and water circulation pump by Wilo.

You can easily integrate EHB-EMHP into the home heaters’ chain, including up to 6 devices with remote control and separated climate zones. You can also improve the system later, adding new appliances for more independence and features. M-KIT thermostats for precise temperature monitor and climate management all over the house or a mixing station for underfloor heating connection.

Ecology friendly refrigerant R32 used in EHB-EMHP system saves not only financial, but either natural resources. It demonstrates extremely low factor of GWP (Global Warming Potential) - 675 (the average factor is counted – 2088) and absolutely zero factor of ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential).

For even more comfort and safety experience the following features:

  • Simple touch control
    Intuitive LCD-screen with self-diagnostics of operational parameters, error codes display and child lock system.
  • Wide operation range
    The heat pump system is effective from -25°C to +35°C outdoors for heating and from -5°C to +46°C outdoors for cooling. It is capable to heat water up to +65°C.
  • Really quiet work
    This factor is important when the device is on non-stop, day and night. Reliable and smart designed details: low noise inverter pumps and optimized hydraulic circuit – in-house sound from 38 to 43 dB(A), which is compared to the rustle of trees or bird’s wings.
  • Daily and weekly schedule
    Schedule features (daily and weekly) make it easier to manage the device. The two period schedules cannot be synchronized and are used separately. Up to 6 events can be set within daily schedule.
  • Automatic temperature switch
    Modern weather-dependent automation switches water degree when the outdoor air degree increases or decreases. This is done for rapid weather adaptation and maintenance of optimal ratio between the indoor and outdoor temperature. There are 32 fixed and 1 individual weather and temperature set points.
  • Power limit feature
    The heat pump system may be used with various power sources. Eight different power levels are available in menu. Selection procedure is simple and requires a short setup using the wired remote control.
  • Holiday away mode
    To avoid freezing in cold climate or season, improve system reliability and save energy – the Holiday away mode is activated when leave. It might be heating mode and / or HWS mode – maintaining water temperature stable low but non-freezing.



Electrolux SPLIT R32 õhk-vesi soojuspumbad