Citerm Hot Air Generators

CITERM warm air heaters can be adapted to all possible requirements: The right quantity of warm air from 55 kw e.g.for garages up, to 230 kw for large halls. 

CITERM warm air heaters are instantly ready for use. The warm air is instantly emitted into the required area, as opposed to an indirect heating system that utilizes steam or water, which often has long start up periods.

Fan group includes one or more Soler & Palau centrifugal double intake fans, statically and dynamically balanced.

Electric equipment – for automatic or manual fan control and for emergency stopping of the burner in case of air overheating. Inclusive of electric switchboard and Honeywell FANLIMIT double thermostat.

High efficiency heat exchanger. Combustion chamber made of AISI 310 heat resistant stainless steel, cylindrical, perfectly cooled in all of its points.

Exchange elements with AISI 430 18% chromium stainless steel plate exhaust flues. Exhaust manifold front and rear, stainless steel, with wide inspection doors for rational and easy cleaning.



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